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    We just got back from a wonderful visit to Arizona! It was a working vacation for me… met a lot of great people and did a lot of wonderful sessions.

    My better half and step-daughter got to take in the beauty of the Grand Canyon, and the delicacies of Jack-in-the-Box. (Cassandra thought that french toast sticks were the bomb) But the most important was our visit with family. Our beautiful nieces, Cheyenne & Madison, once again showed us that fun was a loving simple matter. All it took was a few rubber balls and a few blueberries – viola! instant bliss!

    I’m so blessed to have these kids in my life, they are a constant reminder that gratitude should be a constant state of being…until your diapers are full.

    Amy, Cassandra, & I were given a grand tour of the new wedding venue, Inspirador, in downtown Chandler. And in Amy’s words, “The possibilities are endless.” Dilia Roberts and Amy Marvin gave us a patient and informative tour of the facility. But that’s not all, we were exposed to the wonderus tastes of Vosges chocolates in their storefront boutique. And of course my favorite was Mo’s Bacon Bar, chocolate and bacon… enough said.

    The girl’s rounded out their visit with a drive with Uncle GiGi & Aunt Leslie to the Grand Canyon, where lovely niece Madison was exposed to snow for the very first time.

    I also got to see my mother, who was visiting from South America. She proceeded to let me know that I was getting fat and that natural laxatives would help me get rid of that unkindly bloat. Still…it was good to see see her.

    Big thanks to Indra and Serena , my favorite marines-thanks for putting primo Ricky up (your probiotics are on the way)

    hopefully one day soon we can spend a lot more time with you all in Gilbert.

    “Wouldn’t  it be nice”…