• If you are interested in exploring some of the patterns or behaviors that you are struggling with in your current life, a past life regression with Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood may be helpful.

    What is it like?

    With the assistance of a reiki practitioner, who can aid in creating a deeper state of relaxation for you, Ricky uses a guided meditation to help you begin the process of revisiting some of your alternative lifetimes.


    How Can this Help Me?

    This type of session can be a beneficial tool, aiding in the discovery of ways to use past life information to improve your current life.


    Here is one of many testimonials about Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood.

    “My experiences working with Rick have truly been amazing. I didn’t necessarily believe in the world of psychic phenomenon until I met him. I’ve had many readings with Rick, but it has been my 2 past life regressions that have impacted my life significantly. Rick has been an inspirational guide in helping to answer many lingering questions that I wasn’t able to answer on my own. Rick, I always appreciate your candidness & compassion. I sincerely feel honored to have you in my life! Thank you!” — Janelle Moore