• I told alot of you I would let you know when the new”VME” would be out. Here it is …this whole -food Multi Vitamin , Mineral and Enzyme blend is effective and won’t make you want to regurgitate your breakfast.

    Do you know you need to supplement with a multi-vitamin but you’re confused about which one to take? Don’t waste your money on inferior products! www.GreenLifeSaver.net is happy to offer you a high-quality, bioavailable, multi that takes the guesswork out of it!

    Frequency Foods is proud to announce a fantastic new addition to our product line: VME Complete!

    Every once in a while a product comes along that promises to change lives forever. VME Complete is that type of product. Over the past year, Frequency Foods has sought out to add to our product line a truly effective, powerful, and perfectly balanced “all-in-one” supplement that would not only complement the other products in the line but also stand alone for those who want the ease and simplicity of one supplement regime.

    The name says it all – VME Complete (abbreviation for Vitamin – Mineral – Enzyme). A complete formula containing an extensive vitamin complex including Vitamins A, C, D, E and K plus a FULL B-Vitamin complex for energy, anti-aging, and extra vitality throughout the day. The added powerful enzyme complex allows for continual digestion of the vitamin-mineral matrix that results in far higher bio-availability of its ingredients.

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    To Your Health!