• A choke of grief heart hardened I
    Beyond belief a broken man too tough to cry

    Surf’s Up
    Aboard a tidal wave
    Come about hard and join
    The young and often spring you gave
    I heard the word
    Wonderful thing
    A children’s song

    ” Surf’s Up” – The Beach Boys



    When I’m working, there are some days that the only “sunlight” I really get is from the music that I play in my office. Music can sometimes be my closest “connection” to God. Sometimes a paticular song can be God’s closest connection to me. Spirit has such a way of communicating through music. Try it sometime. When you hop into the car, ask God to play a song just for you . Chances are you’ll be moved to tears or truly inspired.  I’ve found that what’s spiritual for me may not be spiritual for you. I still wanted to make a short list of the tunes that are really making my heart sing for the week. I hope some of you will comment on your favorites! It’ll give me new songs to download! Think of what makes your “heart” sing! Well here’s my short list,

    “Surf’s Up”The Beach Boys (the last minute and half of this song is “Spiritual” beyond measure.)

    “Vida La Vida”Coldplay  (a coming of age song for me. Very cool.)

    ” Love and Mercy” – Brian Wilson  ( The title reminds me of tolerance everytime)

    “Warwick Ave” –  Duffy  ( when this gal sings…I feel it!) 

    ” Blue” – Lucinda Williams  ( this tune reminds me of the two most important girls in my life)

     there are so many more….but I hope this inspired people to use music this week and every week. Can’t wait to hear your favorites at work!