• tempe Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Holly Matthews has a great radio show out of  Tempe,Arizona called “Unleashng Your Psychic Abilities”. Every Friday at 10:00 am Holly takes a look at the world of psychic phoenomena and the people who work  in the field.

    Yours truly has been invited to share about my experiences in the world of the paranormal! I am looking forward to a humorous, engaging, and interesting program.

    Join us as we share some of our favorite experiences with Mediumship, Guides and Ghosts. You’ll find yourself fascinated with these true life experiences which validate there is more to life than just height, depth and width. Come participate, ask questions and enjoy these delightful experiences in connecting to individuals on different dimensions.

    So listen Friday, Feb 6th at 10:00 am  ( 12:00 noon EST) !

    Here’s the link.

    http://www.modavox.com/7thwavenetwork/ matthewsholly-banner