• There are many people out there who are more concerned with bettering themselves and finding their own peace and happiness rather than judging their neighbor.

    Sadly, there are many people who still choose to judge other people–whether that is based on their religious choices (especially when they don’t align with their own), their relationship choices (especially when it conflicts with their own moral beliefs usually born from their religious teachings), their lifestyle choices and any other choice that people make.

    It seems that ‘thou shall not judge’ for many people comes with a clause…‘unless it is different than my belief.’

    I agree that it can be hard if you think that one way of living is for the best, it is easy to find yourself looking at someone doing the opposite and thinking that they got it all wrong.  And for you they might, but for them they might not.

    But what I’ve found is that what is most important is to worry about our own individual selves, what works for us.

    I say this a lot and really believe it, “Attraction rather than promotion.”  And what I mean is that if I’m living my happy life that I will attract people who want what I’ve found.

    I don’t always think that beating people’s doors down to tell them your way is best in the answer because all of our paths are different.  There is no one way to do something, worship, or be.

    I also want to touch on judgment from my perspective since I’ve just recently seen it so up close and personal.

    It is so easy to judge someone when something that they’ve done or are involved in has caused us pain.  This is understandable.  Our first instinct when this happens is to bite back in anger.

    And although there is nothing wrong with expressing how we feel, one thing that would help is for us to remember that we may not know the whole story.  We don’t know what that person is going through.  They may not have maliciously hurt you.

    Since they did hurt you can tell them that they did.  But maybe we could ask why? Try to understand where they came from.  This does not mean that you let people mistreat you, or turn the other cheek and allow people to walk all over you.

    But maybe you would see things a lot differently if you put yourself in their shoes for a moment.  You may just get what you wanted in the first place, just by putting aside your own outrage.

    You never know.

    And I’m not condoning abuse of any person, child or animal.  That is not the point that I’m making.

    So, give it a try… when you see someone doing something that you think is wrong, smile at them.  Have compassion for them.  And maybe you will realize that you are not right, they are not wrong…it is just the path you chose.