• With the New Year comes a sense of newness and wonder –a time to start fresh.  Wanting to make changes and really deciding to reach for the life you truly want is the magical part of starting a new year.
    During this time, we make ‘resolutions,’ which are generally grand and sweeping.  The really big thing
    we want to change for the coming year. This is not a ‘bad’ thing but unfortunately many fail.  Not because they aren’t coming from a ‘good’
    place or even ready to commit to it.
    Generally speaking, the problem lies in the ‘grandness’ and ignoring the simple small steps that will get you there.

    Here are 3 Steps to help you create your best year yet!

    1. Focus on the small steps –
    Lasting changes are small things that we commit to on a
    regular basis.  So instead of making large sweeping commitments that we may not see the results for a long while, it could be better to make small more general ones that will eventually lead to the ‘big picture.’

    For example, instead of resolving to lose 20lbs by a certain
    date, maybe try choosing more general goals that will lead to what you want
    such as:
    commit to making good choices when it comes to healthy eating each day,
    resolve to like the way you look in clothes more, or choose activities that
    will just help you to feel better overall.

    This takes the pressure off if you come up
    short of losing that 20lbs and sets you up to congratulate yourself daily for
    choosing a healthy meal, or taking that walk, or liking the way you look
    today.  Choose to compliment yourself instead of chastising yourself each day that you don’t lose a pound or fluctuate, which we do naturally depending on numerous factors.

    2. Have More Fun –

    Resolve to have more fun this year.
    Include fun in your schedule!  It is just as,
    if not more, important then the list
    of things that you ‘have to do’ each day.


    Because you can’t resolve anything if you are unhappy and right NOW is all that you have.
    You can’t change the past nor resolve anything
    in the future, so make it a top priority to have fun now, today, in all that
    you do.

    Give yourself permission to sing, dance, and laugh.  Be silly.
    Make everything that you do a game or into something fun.  You may be surprised… It could change how you
    approach everything in your life.

    3. Try Something New!
    It is easy to get stuck in the mundane schedule and tasks of
    life.  We can easily find ourselves doing
    the same things, eating the same things, saying the same things, and feeling
    the same things.

    Shake it up!  Try a
    new type of food like Thai, Greek, or Sushi.
    If you don’t end up liking it so what!
    It is great because now you know.

    Remember you don’t know what you
    do want until you know what you don’t want.

    Don’t stop there!
    Get out of your comfort zone.
    Take some day trips and see those things
    you’re always putting off.  Take a class,
    walk a different route, read a totally different genre of books, try a new
    game. The opportunities to see and experience the world in a new and different
    way are endless.

    Getting out of your comfort zone may seem
    scary at first, but the fear will dissipate quickly and it could change your
    life drastically in a good way.

    You could feel so much more joy, peace, contentment, and happiness than you ever

    All of the power lies
    within you.
    All you have to do is take a few small steps to unleash the
    life you’ve always dreamed of.  Go ahead,
    see what is waiting for you…you deserve it!

    Happy New Year!  Make it your best year yet!
    Ricky Wood
    Psychic Medium & Life Coach