• Welcome to www.RickyWood.net’s Newsletter #7!

    My thought this month is a simple yet profound one.

    If you are feeling blue, angry, bitter or that life isn’t fair, get involved in something outside of yourself.  It is probably the last thing you want to do when you feel any of those negative emotions, but do it anyway because it could be just what you need.

    It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal.  Maybe you go and spend the time to buy a toy for a child that is less fortunate than you and donate it.  Or use your lunch break to visit a nursing home and sit and talk to someone for a half hour.  It could mean everything to them if they are lonely.  It only takes a few moments to change someone’s life.

    “When we give to others, we aren’t just helping them, we are helping ourselves.” – RW



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    My Holiday Wish for You…

    Is that you give yourself a gift this holiday season.   Yes, put yourself first.

    I know. For most of us, we enjoy giving to our loved ones but we rarely consider  ourselves to be our ‘loved one.’ Which is really counter-intuitive considering, we  have to help, nurture, and love ourselves to really be able to give those gifts to  anyone else.

    No it is NOT selfish.  Loving and being kind to yourself is not a negative thing.  It is  necessary and you deserve it!

    So, what gift should you give yourself?  That soft sweater or decadent treat is a fun way to pamper yourself, but, I really want you to commit to giving yourself a lasting gift.  One that will change your life from the day you do.

    Give yourself the gift of committing to living without fear.

    It may sound cliche’ but really think about it.  Live freely, without fear and go do anything you want!

    No matter how evolved we are, most of us struggle with fear in some aspect of our life. Whether it is a fear of heights, flying, or public speaking to something more deeply embedded in our self-worth such as the fear of being rejected, being unworthy, or feeling unlovable.

    It all starts with you!  You have all of the power!

    Here are a few simple things you can do to begin living fearlessly–

    1-      Tell yourself every day that you are worthy, lovable, and fearless.

    2-      Do little things that you wouldn’t normally do, like smile at a stranger, strike up a conversation or try something new.

    3-      Write down each day, each week, and each month something you want to do and do it!

    4-      Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you,” and mean it.  Repeat until you believe it.

    5-      Keep a gratitude journal.

    6-      Pull out pictures of yourself as a young child.  Sometimes it is easier to feel that love inside when you look at yourself as vulnerable and deserving of love. No matter how old you get, you are still that beautiful soul.

    These are just a few of the many simple steps that can get the ball rolling and change your outlook on life. And once you change how you look at life, your life will change drastically!

    Because you and only you have the power to live a joy-filled meaningful life, give yourself the greatest gift you will ever receive.  Your own time, attention, acceptance and unconditional love that you deserve.

    Live Fearlessly and live the life you want!

    I wish for you this holiday season and for all to come that you see, feel, and experience the beautiful, perfect, amazing person that is you.

    Live freely, fearlessly and joyfully!

    Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

    All my best wishes,

    Ricky Wood

    Psychic Medium & Life Coach

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    I feel strongly about supporting local small businesses.

    Throughout my newsletters, you will find  local businesses that I love.

    Ones that are run by good people who offer exceptional products and/or services!

    This month the business I would like to share with you is —

    Artisan Bodyworx

    Professional Massage Therapy, Bodywork  & Organic Bodycare in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ.


    Meet Amy Marvin – Owner & Lead Therapist of Artisan Bodyworx!

    Artisan Bodyworx is home-based out of Mesa, Arizona, near the Historic Downtown District, but we love to travel to you!

    We offer professional massage therapy services for private, in-home sessions or on-site for special events both large and small.

    “Artisan Bodyworx therapists are artists in their craft. They are unique and highly trained individuals that are known for their attention to detail. Our distinctive offerings are a smart choice if you are looking for talented  massage therapists, and we can’t wait to share them with the world!”

    Amy Marvin Owner  &  Lead Therapist

    We offer any array of  Services including–

    • Swedish
    • Sports Massage
    • Russian Massage
    • Cranial-Sacral Therapy
    • Injury/Trigger Point
    • Shiatsu

    &  Chair Massages which are perfect for special events, sporting events, conferences, or in-office for meetings! Chair massages can also an attractive addition to showers, parties, and grand openings.

    Special for DECEMBER Only

    Get $10 OFF when you mention this newsletter.  (Includes Gift Certificates!)

    AND you will be helping those who are less fortunate.

    Artisan Bodyworx cares that Arizona families enjoy a warm holiday meal, so 10% of ALL sales in December, (Massage sessions and gift certificates), will go to United Food Bank of Arizona. http://unitedfoodbank.org/

    “Amy is a great person & a talented massage therapist!  I encourage you to ‘like’ her page on Facebook and frequent her business if you are in the East Valley of Phoenix!”                                                                             -Rick Wood

    Amy’s Contact info:

    Phone – (480)495-3270

    Email – info@artisanbodyworx.com

    Artisan Bodyworx Facebook Page



    Want to share hope & healing with someone this holiday season?

    They’re Not Gone by A.P. Morris is a great way to learn about mediumship from my perspective as well as hear stories detailing some of my clients’ experiences of connecting with their loved ones.

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    Wishing You Joy & Happiness this Holiday Season!