• ”What part of nature helps you feel aligned with the God within?” -RW

    Welcome to www.RickyWood.net’s Newsletter #5!

    Special Announcement:

    As of January 1, 2013, I will be calling my Tempe, Arizona location my home office.  Before all of my Pennsylvania & surrounding area friends think that I will be disappearing forever, don’t worry, I won’t!

    I will still be splitting my time between  the PA & AZ offices, but I will be spending more time in Arizona.  Kind of flip flopping what I do now.

    I plan on returning to my PA office approximately every quarter. If you haven’t already, make sure you  like my Facebook Fan Page so you will get updates on when I will be booking appointments for my Pennsylvania visits.

    In the interim, don’t forget, I can still do readings, mediumship & life-coaching via the phone!  You can learn more about phone sessions here.




    Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood Introduces A New Service called “Guided Acupuncture!”

    Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood and his dear friend & acupuncturist Melissa McConnell are now offering a ground-breaking new service!

    The pair has joined forces to create a unique therapeutic experience they call

    “Guided Acupuncture.”


    What is Guided Acupuncture?

    Combining their respective skill sets, Rick uses his channeling abilities to share information from your guides with Melissa, who in turn applies her talent as a licensed acupuncturist to treat emotional or physical maladies that you may be suffering from.


    Why is Guided Acupuncture Unique?

    Together the duo has created a revolutionary treatment forum that facilitates healing on a much deeper level in a shorter amount of time.  Using the information that Rick channels, Melissa is able to use acupuncture to release blocks that may be buried below numerous symptoms.

    If you are having any type of emotional, physical, or spiritual discomfort that you feel you need to address, Guided Acupuncture may be able to help.  Receiving divine guidance, along with the physical aspect of releasing blocks, can be a very deep healing experience.  Different people seem to have different responses to their treatment.  One client felt complete relief from the physical pain she came to the appointment with.

    Another client felt it in a very spiritual way.  Here are her thoughts –

    “It was awesome and a very deep experience. I didn’t go in with any particular expectations except I assumed that there would be a more physical experience in terms of healing body aches disorders etc. For me it turned out to be an experience of a spiritual nature that stayed with me and rippled through me all weekend. I felt as if a part of me was in tune with something much greater than myself and that my spirit/soul had so many questions that it has struggled with while being stuffed inside this particular body. I would do it again for certain.”

    Ricky & Melissa get together about once a month to offer this one-of-a-kind service.  They are currently scheduling for October 25th between 12-4pm.  If you are interested in an appointment, call asap as space is limited.

    Guided Acupuncture: $200 .00 (approx. 50min)

    If you have any questions or want to make an appointment,

    Call Ricky at 484-459-5489 or email him at bchboy@rickywood.net


    Call Melissa at 302-463-1167.

    Read online.



    I feel strongly about supporting local small businesses.

    Throughout my newsletters, you will find  local businesses that I love.

    Ones that are run by good people who offer exceptional products and/or services!

    This month the business I would like to share with you is —

    Spring Run Natural Foods.



    Meet Art, the Owner of Spring Run Natural Foods!

    Located in Kennett Square, in the the heart of Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, you will find an assortment of Organic Whole Foods, Nutritional Supplements and Guidance to help you and your family live your best life possible!

    “Let us help you live a healthy life!”

    – Owner, Art Paviglianiti

    At Spring Run Natural Foods You Will Find

    • Healthy Foods – We carry grass-fed beef, organic chicken & meats, fresh organic vegetables & fruits, nuts, beans, flours, milks, cereals, snacks, drinks, teas, fair-trade chocolate, gluten free, allergy friendly items, vegan alternatives and much more.
    • Nutritional Supplements- We offer a full range of vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies & dietary supplements to get your body in balance, address health problems, boost your immune system and get the most out of life. We can help you find the right fit for your concerns.
    • Bath & Beauty Products- Treat your skin right with our natural, cruelty-free soaps, shampoos, moisturizers & cosmetics.  We also carry green cleaning products to help you keep home looking great while protecting your family AND the environment.
    • Books & Advice- You will find a section of books covering a wide variety of ‘healthy’ topics as well as complimentary advice from Owner, Art Paviglianiti, who has more than 20 years of experience with natural foods, staying healthy, eating locally and leading a sustainable life.

    I chose Art as my local business of the month, not only because he offers organic food & products, which are the best choice for a healthy body, but because of his caring and heartfelt approach to serving his community.  Art truly cares about every person he meets, always sharing his knowledge, advice & support with a friendly smile.

    Art is excited to announce that they will be expanding their offerings near the end of October to include  a Vegan Food & Juice Bar inside of Spring Run Natural Foods!

    “We are so happy to welcome the makers of The Really Fresh Vegan Protein Drinks to the family!”Art stated.

    I encourage you to  ‘like’ Spring Run Natural Foods on Facebook where you will find FB Only specials & discounts, recipes, news & more!

    Thank You Art, for caring and sharing your knowledge with us.  Thank you for trying to help us all live happy & healthy lives!




    Want to share hope & healing with someone?

    They’re Not Gone by A.P. Morris is a great way to learn about mediumship from my perspective as well as hear stories detailing some of my clients’ experiences of connecting with their loved ones.

    It is now available on Kindle & Nook!