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    I wanted to remind you that we not only have angels looking out for us, but that we can all be earth angels for someone as well.

    Thank you Mandy Keep Photography for allowing me to share your beautiful photograph.  Check out my local business of the month to learn more about her

    “Earth Angels Project.”


    ”What is your inner angel going to give today?” -RW


    Will You Join Me? Be An Angel for Someone Today!

    Think back to a time that you had help, unexpected help, that came at the right time.  Did it feel like divine intervention?  Did someone help you when you most needed it?

    For a lot of us, the word ‘angel’ denotes an other worldly being wrapped in white and adorned with beautiful wings.  As many of you do, I also believe in angels that we don’t physically see who help & guide us.

    I also believe Angels come in all kinds of packages. As a lot of you know, recently our beloved dog, Angel, left her adorable cuddly body and is also an angel again.  She was such an example to me of how we as humans can learn from our furry friends to listen more and love without conditions.  I am so grateful for the years she spent with us and losing her made me really think about how we can be angels for one another in so many ways.

    It doesn’t have to be a monumental task or something that we have to spend tons of time or resources on.  It can be something as simple as a smile or a hello, a compliment or kind statement.  Everyday you have the ability to be someone’s angel.

    A lot of you reading this probably already practice this on a daily or weekly basis.  So, I have a new way that I am practicing being an Angel and I invite you to join me.

    We all have dreams, whether it is to start a business, travel somewhere, or try something for the first time.  Usually the biggest obstacle that people think about is how they are going to afford to do it.  They may even dismiss their dream altogether because they don’t believe it is possible.

    Why not be an angel for someone and give them a jump on getting started planning, saving, and fufulling their dream. It doesn’t have to be huge, whatever you can afford – $20, $30 or if you are struggling even $10.  Whatever it is, give it to a stranger with a note to get started with their dream.

    You never know whose life you may change!

    How to find the person you might ask?  Be open to receiving guidance leading you to the person you should help. But don’t get too caught up in it, just do it!

    When you are in line at a coffee shop, look at the business cards hanging on the board.  When you see someone online who says they ‘wish’ they could do something, or happen to visit a business where they seem to be struggling.  Wherever it strikes you.

    Pick one and send them $20 with a note that says, “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I wanted to send you this to help you fufull your dreams.  Whatever that may be.  Feel free to pay-it-forward!  All my best. Or something along those lines.

    Remember no return address – you are an angel.

    I think every single one of us is an angel, a lot of us just don’t know it.

    All my best,

    Ricky Wood

    Psychic Medium




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    I feel strongly about supporting local small businesses.

    Throughout my newsletters, you will find  local businesses that I love.

    Ones that are run by good people who offer exceptional products and/or services!

    This month the business I would like to share with you is —

    Mandy Keep Photography.


    Meet Mandy, the Owner of Mandy Keep Photography!

    “I like to use pictures as my words. My photos help recall the moment of celebration or another memorable life event and to share it with those I love. I believe you may feel the same way. My favorite memories are awakened by a glance at my favorite picture and the feeling of that moment is alive again!”

    Mandy specializes in:

    • Maternity
    • Infant
    • Baby
    • Children
    • Family
    • Pets

    Offering a truly unique view of nature, people and places on canvas, film and state of the art methods.

    “Enjoy viewing my images and let’s have a conversation about capturing the events and images that are most important to you,” offers Mandy.

    I chose Mandy as my local business of the month, not only because she is an amazingly talented photographer, but also for her caring and pay-it-forward mentality.  Mandy is giving back in September by…

    kicking-off her “Earth Angels” photo project, the third in a series of charitable projects. Keep is calling for babies and children, ranging from infants to age five to participate in a whimsical themed photo shoot in which the children will be wearing wings. Surrounded by a fairytale-like world of enchantment, peace and happiness, the photo shoot will take place on Saturday September 22 from Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge Park.

    All proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware www.rmhde.org.

    Keep’s journey of charitable projects was inspired by her son, Max, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called William’s Syndrome which leads to development problems, including heart deficiencies. Max recently had heart surgery at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE to operate on his thickening aorta.

    Based on the incredible support Keep and her family received from friends, family, and complete strangers at the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House in Delaware, she is giving back.

    Mandy is a talented photographer & mom and I encourage you to visit her website to learn more about her services and charitable projects.  You can also ‘like’ her on Facebook where she shares her latest photos, specials & creative endeavors!

    Thank You for sharing your talents & inspiring us with your heart!


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