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    I wanted to remind you to enjoy the “journey of your life.”  It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily grind that we forget to enjoy the ride.  It is necessary to have a vision or goal that you are working toward, but you won’t reach it without gratitude and joy for the now.

    A little quote from yours truly on the subject-

    ”The road to abundance is a happy one. If you’re not laughing pull the hell over…” -RW

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    If you are unfamiliar and wondering what a Life Coaching Session with Ricky is like, you can read more about it here.

    How is ‘Couples Coaching’ with Intuitive, Ricky Wood, Different than a Typical Counseling Program?

    Working as an Intuitive Life Coach & Psychic Medium in Phoenix, Arizona and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for more than ten years has provided me with a lot of experience in coaching couples through issues.

    Do I believe that every couple has a strong chance of survival if both members want to work on it?

    Yes, definitely!

    I’ve found in a lot of my intuitive couple’s coaching sessions that people feel like they don’t have a voice in their relationship; that they aren’t being heard.

    This could be for many reasons such as: the couple isn’t hearing one another because of their own issues, resentments, or an inability to understand what their partner is really trying to say.  They may hear one thing when their mate is really trying to say something else completely.

    No matter how much a couple loves one another, there are going to be things to work through sometime during the relationship.  This does NOT mean that something is wrong with one or both of the people involved, nor does it mean that the relationship is wrong, doomed, or not fixable. It just means you may need some help sometimes.

    You know it is much easier to see and understand issues outside of yourself and your relationship.  Isn’t it?  Don’t you sometimes ‘see’ quite clearly what the problem is and potential solutions in your friends or family member’s relationships?

    However, in our own lives, it can be hard to step back, see how one another is feeling, and come up with ways to turn big ‘problems’ into small hurdles.

    That is where I come in.

    I suppose what makes me ‘different’ than your typical couples counseling program is that I use my intuitive skills to find out what the underlying problem is that is really causing the issue. That could be fear, anger, lack, etc.

    This allows us to ‘get to’ the root problem a lot more quickly so we can spend time on the ‘solutions’ that can help get you both back on track and enjoying the relationship more than not.

    The solution will always entail some type of compromise because compromising is the key to happy and fulfilling relationships.

    My goal is to help both people in the relationship get more of what they want.  I mean that is usually what everyone wants, more of something, whether that is more understanding, freedom, happiness, affection, etc.

    One of my favorite lines is – “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”

    Only you can decide.

    Here is what couples coaching client, Michelle Book, has to say about her experience –

    “Rick has been instrumental in guiding us towards the life we want to live, and we couldn’t be more thankful. He is always incredibly insightful, honest, and never fails to make us laugh as well. Because of Rick’s coaching, we are flourishing in our careers as well as our relationship and home life. We are so grateful!”

    If you and your loved one are finding yourself in need of some assistance in working through an issue, I’d be happy to help.  Learn more about this service or contact me to schedule an appointment.




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    Want to share hope & healing with someone?

    They’re Not Gone by A.P. Morris is a great way to learn about mediumship from my perspective as well as hear stories detailing some of my clients’ experiences of connecting with their loved ones.

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