• Arizona Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood offers a service to help you Meet Your Own Spirit Guides.

    You may ask…Why would I want or need to meet them?

    Angels and spirit guides can help you with:

    • Day-to-day decisions (that is guide you, not make them for you)
    • Support you emotionally
    • Assist you in prayer
    • Help you keep your fear to a minimum so you can hear or recognize signs and guidance
    • And it is fun (:

    Do you feel lost, have trouble making decisions, or just want to feel like you are making choices through divine guidance?   Your spirit guides can help; you just need to learn to connect with them.

    Whether you know it or not, they are already with you.  We are all born with spirit guides whose job is to support us throughout our journey here.

    “No, I do not give them to you or tell you who they are –You do,” states Ricky.

    He adds, “My job is to assist you in discovering who your specific guides are. We are all divine beings with the ability to access our angels and helpers.

    “Personally, I would be leery of someone telling you who your guides are.  Believe in yourself, not what someone else tells you,” states Wood.

    Through meditation and reiki, Ricky is able to help you identify your own spirit guides so that you can ask for their assistance and develop a rapport with them in your day-to-day life.

    Visit Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood’s website to learn more about him & his services.

    Read more about Ricky, his philosophies, and real client mediumship stories in the book about him, They’re Not Gone.

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