• Have you read or listened to The Secret and The Laws of Attraction and think you understand the idea, yet you still aren’t manifesting the money you’d like to see in your life? You are not alone.

    As an Intuitive Life Coach, I hear from people all the time who get upset because they aren’t seeing the changes they want in this area of their life.

    I’d like to share with you some things that I’ve found that people are either unaware of or ignoring; therefore, they aren’t getting the results they are wanting.

    1-Asking – this is usually the first step to get the ball rolling.  And if we don’t ask we won’t be able to begin the process; however, it may be necessary for you to tweak this area to really understand how to go about it.

    When we say, ‘I want’ or ‘I need’ or any similar way of defining what we crave, we are coming from a less than or unfulfilled perspective.  So, for me I’ve found that instead of thinking  ‘Ask and ye shall receive’ I think of it like, ‘Thy will be done.’ Do you feel the difference in those two statements? The first is saying that you do not have what you are wanting, while the second knows that if you can think of it, you can have it.

    I learned a great sentence from  the Access Consciousness founders Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer, which is “How does it get any better than this?” It allows the universe to show you what is better.  Say it when something good happens or when something you would like improved.  It is a great statement.

    Don’t beg or hope, have faith.  Know that by simply imagining it and being open to receiving, that it will come.  This leads us to more explanation of allowing.

    2-Allow – gently, willingly and easily.  I do not like those catch phrases like ‘no pain no gain.’ They infer that you have to strain, work more, longer, harder and whatnot to get what you are wanting.  This is simply not true.  Usually you will have to take some action to allow what you want to have an avenue to manifest, but that does not mean working 100 hours a week to do so. What time would you have left to enjoy the money you’ve manifested?

    It does take action and being open to receive, but working harder or longer is not the key.  But…

    3-Vigilance – is important.  You have to be vigilant in your dedication to changing your thinking, your wording to yourself and others, and your feelings.  Although these may not be what you think will usher in the money like being at a job, they are probably the most important and most abandoned aspect of money manifestation.

    It can be difficult at first to really pay attention to each word, thought, and feeling that you think, speak, and feel.  We have been programmed to berate, scold and guilt ourselves into things.  If you really want to change your situation, you have to change how you feel about yourself, how you treat yourself, how you speak to yourself.

    Speak to yourself kindly and lovingly knowing that you are worthy of joy, abundance and success.  Learn to really love and respect  yourself.  And carefully watch every word you speak.  Do not beg or plead or feel guilty or less than.  Know that you are worthy, know that you deserve joy, and believe that you deserve to live the life you want just because you are you.  You do not need to prove yourself to others or most importantly to you.

    You always have been and always will be a beautiful, perfect being of light, since before the moment you were born until long after the day you leave this body.

    4- Let go and let it flow – to see the abundance you crave flow into your life.  If there is guilt, shame, or anything else blocking this flow you have to release this to see what you want come to fruition.   Forgive yourself, forgive others, live from a place of non-judgment and you will see miraculous changes happen all around you. Most of the things in our way are there because of our own judgments and self-inflicted limitations.  Remove them and allow the universe to show you how important you are.

    5-Patience – last and definitely not the least part of the equation is to be patient.  Be patient with yourself, patient with the universe, and patient with seeing the manifestation. You are learning, growing and changing, and this usually takes a bit of time.  Do not beat yourself up if you catch yourself talking negatively, simply redirect yourself to the self-talk that will benefit you.  Do not use these tools for a week and get angry if you don’t see your financial situation reversed by Friday.

    Simply know that you’re on the right path, have fun, and see all of the miracles that surround you each day.

    Wishing you the clarity to see all of the abundance and beauty that you crave,

    Ricky Wood

    Psychic Medium & Life Coach