• Working on the “otherside” has made my waistline spread like rumors of Fred Thompson running for President – quick. I didn’t realize that most of the “crossing over” I was doing was at Jack in the Box. Why? Imagine your front door being wide open …every nasty bug,critter, and salesman will walk right in creating havoc.  The solution would be getting screens,locks, and a pitbull named “killer”. I wasn’t putting any barriers in place. I was becoming weaker and unhealthy! The only rejuvenation I was doing was reheating Breakfast Jacks in the microwave. I learned that physical health was the very necessary screen door needed to keep bad energies out. The otherside is not just heaven…it is filled with many different dimensions- some like Rodeo Drive and others more like the Bronx at 3 a.m..dark and hostile.Like being in the Bronx in the wee hours you could get mugged.  So to keep from getting my ass kicked I’ve worked out more and improved my diet. The results? More prosperity and increased energy (psychic work can be draining!) Prayer and meditation have assisted in creating better intuition and balance (one piece of pizza, not the whole box). It was becoming evident that by overeating and being slothful I was trying insulate myself from the rigors of this work.

     P.S. ever wondered why John Edward’s first season of “Crossing Over” he looked bloated and tired? Not any more! (Now don’t ask me why the same doesn’t apply to Sylvia Browne.)