• One of Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood’s many testimonials

    “Rick often gives full first or last names or descriptions of those on the other side..and does so in the manner which that person would have used. This is a bit freaky at first, but then you start to roll with it. He offers additional side notes as the reading progresses. I have found his accuracy astonishing and am glad to be studying with him.” — Alice Campbell

    If somehow you aren’t familiar with the phenomenon of mediumship and you want to know what it is –

    Mediumship is a type of psychic reading in which Ricky is able to assist in giving messages to you from those who have passed on.

    What is a session like?

    During a mediumship session he may receive specific words, phrases, names, symbols, accents, and other definitive information that will help you recognize who is trying to speak with you. There is not a guarantee that the person you want to hear from will come through; however, chances are if you are yearning for some type of communication then they probably need to speak with you as well.

    Unfortunately, death can be unsettling when it is unexpected or abrupt. A reconnection through a mediumship session can be life altering, as it has for so many of Rick’s clients.

    Mediumship sessions with Ricky have brought peace of mind to so many people by giving them the ability to move on in their current life knowing that their loved one is still with them.

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