• “I am lucky to have some of the most interesting and motivated coaching clients on the planet! Liza Rugen is certainly one of them. She believes that everyone DESPITE their limitations has a chance of  living a fitter  healthier life. Everyone has a mission and I love this one. Please read on…”-Rick Wood

    Achieving optimal health is a goal for many. To reduce the risk of chronic diseases, experts advise exercising daily for 30 minutes at a moderate intensity. To lose weight and to maintain weight loss, it takes 60-90 minutes of exercising at a moderate to vigorous intensity.  For an individual with physical limitations, meeting these recommendations may be an everyday challenge.

    As a personal trainer with a nursing degree, Liza Rugen understands that without an exercise program, her clients who have mobility limitations are at a high risk for developing secondary complications that can damage their health status and have a negative impact on their quality of life. Conditions such as; hypertension,osteoporosis,diabetes and depression can be mitigated by introducing exercise programs that focus on improving strength,flexibility and balance. Liza says, “clients may be diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease or have sustained a traumatic brain injury, but that does not mean they can’t have a healthy lifestyle. To equate a disability with poor health is incorrect.”

    Liza’s in-home, one on one training tailors fitness programs to people with various physical limitations and eliminates the issues that may arise from an inaccessible gym. Drawing from her 25 years in the health and fitness fields, she develops safe effective workouts, using little to no equipment. She carefully considers any contraindication when working with her clients. For example, Liza notes that anyone with Multiple Sclerosis must avoid overheating to prevent symptoms from becoming exasperated. “Overdoing any exercise can strain an already compromised muscular system,” says Liza. “Adaptation,modification and creativity all play a role in promoting an active lifestyle.”

    When she worked as a nurse,  Liza says it was frustrating not being able to spend adequate time with her patients to provide the attention they needed and deserved.  “Now, I feel as if I have the best of both worlds.  I am able to spend quality time with clients, have a positive effect on their lives and use my nursing background to improve their quality of life. Personal fitness is attainable whether people are physically challenged or not.” Liza’s goal is to help every one of her clients to adopt an exercise program that will keep them physically and mentally healthy.
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