• Phone & Skype Readings are just as enlightening and informative as a ‘face-to-face’ psychic reading or mediumship session with Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood. He is just as able to connect with the spirits and messages for you while speaking with you over the phone or skype.

    Here is one of many glowing testimonials about Ricky & what she said about her phone reading

    I have been read twice by Rick within the past year– the first time was a phone reading which was so accurate it was almost overwhelming — following the phone reading events happened in my life that required further clarification and I went to see Rick personally. Both readings were of great assistance allowing me to set my life goals with purpose. I like the fact that Rick will tell your like he sees it tactfully, he is also very encouraging ensuring you reach your maximal potential.” — LaSalle King

    Clients from all across the country seek guidance from Rick for psychic readings, mediumship, life coaching, and counseling via the phone & skype because of geographical location, time constraints, etc.

    The measurement of distance that we as humans comprehend does not extend to the spirit world; therefore, Rick does not need to see  or be in your physical presence to connect with you or your loved ones.

    So if you are NOT in close proximity to  his Tempe, Arizona office outside of Phoenix, and you would like any one of his services, you can be assured that you will receive the same quality and authenticity during a phone reading that you would if you were visiting his office.


    If you prefer Skype so you can look at each other, here is one of many testimonials about Ricky & what she said about her Skype reading —
    I have had 2 Skype Sessions with Rick and couldn’t be more pleased. It seems I only have to arrive with the questions in my head for him to address them in order of importance (without me uttering a word). I love his upfront, no BS nature because he delivers it with a smile and some humor AND most importantly he always leads me to uncover some new truth about myself – which, for me, is where the real value comes in. I have been able to apply his intuitive guidance to my work with great success and look forward to consulting him on many decisions to come.”  —Lori Petro

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