• meditate-3 Psychic work involves picking up people’s “vibes” bad or good. When Brian Wilson wrote the song “Good Vibrations” he mentioned in a interview that many animals can pick up vibrations from humans…

    Our dog”Angel” had dove into the trash for a little terrier garbage feast…she definitely picked up my vibe! She smelled like wet lettuce and old Doritos.

    It reminds me of when I do a mediumship or psychic session with an angry or depressed spirit or client. Their gunk can get all over me.If I am not careful this negative energy can stick around for days. Like many mediums and energy workers I do try and protect myself thru prayer and light meditations. This helps but some of the basics still apply .

    Water,water,water! I find that drinking good ol’ H2O really helps clear the body and rejuvenate it…try adding lemon to room temperature water drink at least 10 glasses daily. Remember that much water intake requires minerals so take em’ (I use Ultimate Minerals from http://www.greenlifesaver.net ). I also use Chandrika soap an ayurvedic soap that cleanses the spirit as well as the body (wash with the intent of cleaning the chakras top of the head on down ). Also avoid sugar! Sugar at times has been my crack of choice and like crack.. I end up like Chris Rock in the movie “New Jack City”. High amounts of sucrose,high fructose corn syrup, and brown sugar can really build yeast in your system and totally gunk your intution receptors .

    Now I am going to say something that might piss of a lot of people! When you’re not feeling grounded after doing loads of energy work a glass of red wine and a steak really helps  reconnect with the body ( also eat organic meat and try an organic wine some are wonderful!)  From time to time I’ll add other pieces of info from other energy workers and place them on the blog …hope this was helpful ..if not at least maybe a chuckle.