• It is that time of year again! My work takes me all over the place. The East Coast humidity. The dust of the desert.  The beach, family gatherings, and parties bring about a degree of weakened immunity. Unfortunately, during these times my body becomes more susceptible to becoming ill. To avoid colds, the flu, and viral infections, I use Probiotics !  A  friendly flora blend of Probiotics is an all-natural, non-toxic product that helps your body deal with viral, bacterial, and fungal infections!

    Frequency Foods Probiotics produce enzymes to break down waste in the colon for elimination and even help strengthen the immune system .

    Probiotics have been shown to help reduce high cholesterol levels and recycle the female hormone estrogen , which reduces the likelihood of menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis.

    It kills pathogenic viruses, which lead to colds and the flu. It is also a natural antibiotic, which kills the bad bacteria in your system without harming the ‘good guys.’  There are numerous other benefits to taking this product . First off the probiotic I use is Frequency Foods Probiotic Blend  (http://www.greenlifesaver.net)… It is combined with an organic whole food source for optimal viability and absorption.  Secondly, most probiotics supplements on the market are improperly freeze-dried so the good bacteria are actually killed before you even take the product. This version of Probiotics are preserved through a proprietary and specialized technique during processing to maintain the viability.

    Avoid the doctor and toxic pharmaceutical prescriptions this year by taking Probiotics so you can enjoy this busy and exciting season! Learn more about Probiotics and many other exceptional products at www.GreenLifesaver.net.