• I’m gonna be round my vegetables
    I’m gonna chow down my vegetables
    I love you most of all
    My favorite vege-table

    “Vegetables”- The Beach Boys

    My work has me traveling a lot. When it comes to a proper diet, my brain would chose Jack in The Box over something healthy anytime. But eating crap all the time can make me sluggish,tired, and very cranky. I found that couple servings a day of a good greens powder brings me vitality and boosts my immunity. Amy Butler wrote a wonderful blog on the subject, read on…


    Because Western diets that are typically high in meat [protein] and carbohydrate consumption are highly acidic [because acid is needed to break down proteins and carbohydrates]. Greens food are plant based so they help keep the body’s sensitive pH balance in an alkaline and healthy state.

    Unless most of your diet consists of vegetables and fruits with an emphasis on eating them raw – you are probably lacking some of the nutrients your body wants!Vegetables

    Less than 11 percent of all Americans meet the USDA minimum recommended guidelines for fruit and vegetable consumption.

    With our hectic lives, it’s never easy to squeeze in all of those servings of fruits and vegetables, but getting balanced whole food nutrition is vital for optimal health!

    Diets high in fruits and vegetables have been shown to reduce the risk of obesity and some chronic health diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Are you missing out on the health benefits of a nutritionally-rich diet?

    It’s easy to increase your daily consumption of nutritious whole foods with our amazing Green Garden formula.


    If you are looking for a raw vegetable blend to super-charge your diet look no further!

    One of the best parts about Frequency Foods Green Garden Formula is that it comes in both powder & capsules!

    There are quite a few Greens on the market – yet it is hard to find them in Capsule form for those who prefer it – especially kids!

    Another reason you should choose Green Garden from Frequency Foods….

    Green Garden contains NO fillers, flowing agents (many manufacturers use talcum powder…ugh!), and absolutely no synthetic additives or preservatives. All the raw materials used in Green Garden are analyzed for purity and vitality before AND AFTER manufacturing. The product quality is unsurpassed!

    Why Not Give it a try – see how you feel!

    To Your Health!