• Don’t live near Phoenix, Arizona? Great news for you!

    You can still have Tempe, Arizona’s Psychic Medium Ricky Wood in your home to give readings to your family and friends.

    If you’ve ever had a mediumship or psychic reading with him over the phone, you know that Ricky does not need to be in your physical presence to make a connection with you and/or your deceased loved ones.  You can read more about why this is here.

    After relocating from Pennsylvania to Arizona in 2012, many east coasters were saddened that Ricky wouldn’t be around to do readings at their annual parties. Lori and her friends had Rick come and do readings the prior year at a combined birthday and psychic reading party. Everyone loved it and they wanted to do it again, however, Rick was not in the area at the time so they decided to give a Skype party a try.

    Well, it was a hit!

    Lori set up her computer and candles in a quiet room in her home just as she would have done if Ricky was physically present.  Just like a typical party, all of the guests enjoyed each other’s company while one-at-a-time each person went into the room for a private session with him.

    Both he and the guests at the party were pleasantly surprised at how using the computer to look at each other during the session really felt as if he was right there in Pennsylvania and a part of the party.

    Lori, the party host, shared, “Even via Skype, Rick was able to determine who to talk to next. After a reading, the person would come out with a question such as, ‘Who here recently lost a parent,’ to determine who should go in next just like he would do at an in-person party.”

    Here are a few thoughts from guests at Lori’s recent Skype party:

    “I was a little apprehensive at first; but Rick has a way of making the entire experience comfortable, enjoyable and informative.  During the reading Rick hit on so many truths and was so accurate with the information it seemed he knew my entire life however; it was my first time meeting him. Rick is truly gifted.”

    “I’ve had two readings with Rick Wood, in person and via Skype.  Both times he has brought me comfort and a sense of peace in knowing my loved ones are still watching over me.”

    “Rick really made me feel connected to my brother.”

    So whether you want an individual session with Ricky, or you were interested in hosting a party, rest assured that you and your guests will feel as if he is right there in your home with you. Take advantage of all that modern technology has to offer by planning your next party to include Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood via Skype.

    Some of the parties that he has participated in before include Halloween, Bachelorette, Bridal Shower, Birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, and an array of other social gatherings. This has also worked great for Rick with families that wanted a gallery session in which everyone as a group was interested in hearing from a deceased loved one.

    You can read more about Ricky at his website.

    You can also read about some of the amazing reconnections that he has facilitated in the book They’re NOT Gone by A.P. Morris.

    Contact Ricky today and save the date for your next party!