• As a Psychic Medium, I have been asked if I can contact ‘famous’ people who  have passed away.  The answer is technically ‘yes & no’…more accurately ‘No & Maybe.’

    No, I can’t just randomly go into a meditation and ‘find’ Elvis or JFK in the abyss and ask him to come and chat with me.  Why would he ‘want’ to talk to me when he didn’t know me?

    Maybe, because it is possible if Lisa Marie came into see me and she really wanted to connect with her dad, and he with her, he may come through.

    Over the years I have worked really hard to come from a place of integrity, hoping to not only ‘help’ people reconnect with a loved one, but also to shine a positive light and demonstrate the legitimacy of the psychic/psychic medium profession.

    On the other hand there are the so-called gypsies that for 5.00 dollars will tell you that there is a curse on you and for another 500.00 dollars they will remove it.  They give the industry a bad name.

    I do believe that with all of the media coverage, some very talented and well-known Psychic Mediums like John Edwards, James Van Praagh & Allison DuBois have helped people to realize the difference.

    There is one thing that I just think is crazy for some of these well-known mediums to say…that they spoke with or heard from Michael Jackson or Farah Fawcett without having met with any of their family members or close friends.

    I think John Edwards stated this very eloquently during an interview on Fox News.


    So, if you were wondering…No, Psychic Mediums are not plugged into the world beyond in a way where we can just ‘call’ up someone famous  without it being part of a legitimate session where a family member or friend is in need of a reconnection.

    At least this has been  my experience.

    Rick Wood, Psychic Medium