If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “Thank You,” that would suffice.    -Meister Eckhart

    This one statement by this brilliant man sums up not only how simple prayer can be, but it is a powerful testament that words are only a small part of gratitude.

    Think about it.  What touches you more?

    When someone says ‘thank you,’ quickly without stopping and looking at you or when they stop everything they are doing, look you in the eye, and take your hand and say, ‘thank you.’

    And with this example you see, it didn’t cost anything or take a ton of time.  It simply took about 20 seconds more time to show the person that you were thanking that you really were grateful.

    I truly believe that gratitude is the most important part of not only loving your life, but inviting more of what you are wanting.  The mentality that we are in a fight or race with our fellow human beings to get ahead or acquire more is completely false.

    Being grateful for what we have will bring more of what we are wanting into our life.  I did find though what Abraham Hicks said about the difference between gratitude vs. appreciation interesting in how words can affect our feelings.

    Gratitude vs. Appreciation

    Appreciation wins out every time!

    “Sometimes there are long-standing feelings of gratitude within people that trip them up, because when you feel grateful you are looking right at the problem that you overcome.

    So when you feel gratitude because someone pulled you out of poverty, or you feel gratitude because someone liberated you in some way, that very gratitude is laced with the vibration of overcoming something unwanted and it is responsible for some sticking stuff in your vibration.

    Gratitude leans resistance-ways, appreciation leans allowing-way.

    In other words, they are two very different vibrations.”
    “You want to fill yourself so full of appreciation of what’s coming that you don’t notice that it hasn’t come…that’s the key.”

    – Abraham-Hicks

    This is so true isn’t it?  It is funny how contemplating 2 different words can change your experience, feelings, & end result.

    This is why the ‘feeling’ is so much more important than the ‘words.’

    Here are a few of my tips on being more grateful or feeling more appreciation so you can usher more of what you are wanting into your life:

    1-Before getting out of bed every morning, spend 2 minutes thinking of all the things you are happy about.  Even if everything seems to be going wrong, you can find something.  I.e. – “I appreciate this warm bed, the pot that makes me hot coffee, the food I will eat, the clothes I will put on, the car that will drive me to work and so on.” This simple exercise will put you in a positive place, changing the trajectory of your entire day to come.

    2-Meditate – just 10 minutes of meditating can change your whole day.  Whether it is morning, noon, or night, take a few minutes to sit quietly, breathe, and let go of any thoughts, worries, or chatter from your mind.  Think only of your breathe.  (If anything enters your mind, don’t fight it, just let it go and go back to only giving your breathe your attention.)  With some practice this will become easier and easier. Eventually within a few minutes you will get to a place where you feel wonderful, free, and connected with all that is perfect and beautiful. Which if you didn’t know is the true you. Don’t make the excuse I don’t have the time.  I promise if you do it regularly it will be time very well spent.  There is nothing more important than connecting with your higher self and coming from this place more than not.  This is how you will change your life and others.

    3-Share your appreciation for your life with others.  This can be simply by taking the time to give at least one person a day your full attention.  It is so easy to get caught up in the fast paced society we live in and not give our attention to one thing at a time.  Start out small, when you thank the cashier, look  him or her in the eye and thank them.  It is really that simple.

    4-Reach for joy in every moment you can.  Sometimes we forget that we as humans are not meant to be miserable, sad, or struggling.  We deserve and are intended to feel good, have fun, be fulfilled and feel full of happiness.  Yes, there will be struggles and times that it is hard to feel this.  But your ultimate goal is to feel joy in every moment you can.  Instead of rushing, take a moment and notice the kids running a laughing, watch the leaves fall and marvel at the autumn hues, feel the sun warm your skin.  As you put your attention into seeking joy, you will find more and more waiting for you.

    Full of Appreciation for you,