• When we lose a loved one, it is understandable and normal to mourn.  There aren’t a set of rules on how to do it, how long, or what the right thing is for you to do during this time.

    I can say from my experience as a Psychic Medium, I have had plenty of opportunities to see what our loved ones wish for us after they pass.  It can be very hard to think about what they want for us in the midst of our pain during this time.

    There are a few common themes that those who’ve crossed over wish for us after their passing.

    1. Focus on sending them love – It is normal to feel great sadness and loss when your loved one passes.  It is also typical to spend some time feeling a void and realizing that your physical interaction in this lifetime has ended.  However, after this time, sending them love and peace is much better for both them and you.

    Think about it, if you were them how would you feel if the person you left behind was constantly in pain and wishing for you to be there.  You would feel that tug and you would want to comfort them.  If they were shut down because of their pain, they would not be open and allowing the love to come to them that you were sending.  So although it can be tough, try thinking of sending them love instead of your grief.  If you send love you will get it back.


    2. Focus on Your dreams- Losing a loved one can be really tough, maybe even the hardest thing you have to deal with as a human on earth.  But what your loved one who has moved on wants most is to see you focus on and revel in your dreams.  The ones you had before they crossed and the ones that will make you feel alive and celebrate life again.  They want your happiness as much as you want theirs.  Honor their wishes and honor them by focusing on your dreams and aspirations and taking another step towards their realization.  They will be there with you every step of the way.

    3. Celebrate life and death- Sometimes, we do not celebrate either enough, but more people celebrate life events over death.  Celebrate everything…every birth,

    every death, every transition because that is all it is, a transition.  Just the next step on the soul’s journey.  You are not losing them.  See we put so much credence in the physical that we do not realize that it is such a small part of reality.  The unseen is so much more vast and grander than what we can see.

    Include them in your celebrations.  Take cues from other cultures that honor their ancestors and the ‘dead’ at celebrations.  Do this and remember they are there.

    4. Communicate with Them –  Although I do this every day for people and I love it, do not discount your own ability to speak with your loved ones on your own as well.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, just do what feels right for you.  You can sit quietly and talk to them and just sit until you feel or see or know something that they are communicating back to you.  Maybe try writing to them.  Sometimes writing slows down the mind and allows you to say what you mean and then you can see it because it is tangible.

    Whatever works for you, you just have to try to find out.  And many times they will communicate with you in various ways through TV, songs, thoughts, nature and so on.

    Although the transition of a loved one from physical to spirit can be difficult, I urge you to try these things to help you realize that they will always be with you. The love you share can’t die and all that you have to do is be open to having that verified. They’re Not Gone.

    God bless,

    Ricky Wood

    Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach