• Whether you believe that we are in a time when we are all ‘waking up’ and ascending to higher dimensions or that we are all just finally ‘getting it’ and are ready for changes in the world, it all starts with our children. They are the future and the key to change.

    From my experience as a life-coach with adults, teens and children, there are some areas that we could focus on which could be helpful in creating a better world for all of us.

    Here are some of the essential areas that I feel we should focus our energy with our children:

    1-History – Share history, politics, and how money works and where it comes from.  Most kids are taught history in text books and see and hear about politics and money from watching scandals on the news about politicians and hearing parents talk about how they don’t have enough money.  What is not working in politics and with people’s relationship with money is not a healthy education, so really spending time discussing the important aspects of these subjects and having your children think about ways to improve upon current issues is a great way to spawn an interest for them.

    2-Explain or discuss the differences between religion and spirituality– This will allow children to find strong deep roots grounded in their own innate spirituality throughout their growth.  Looking at and discussing different ideologies will keep them searching and learning about what if any current religions resonate with them. When it is their choice, they are more apt to want to pursue learning rather than being made to follow what others may believe.

    3- Mindfulness – Teaching them that what they think about and believe will help to create the world they experience.  If they learn this from a very early age, they will develop the patterns that will allow them to really be present in everything they do so they can create what they do want, avoiding some of this learning in a negative manner by first having to experience all that they don’t want.  Discussing your personal experiences with this can give them tangible examples to ponder.

    4- Proactive instead of reactive – By practicing mindfulness mentioned above, children can learn from an early age to approach their lives and the world in a proactive manner versus just reacting to situations.  When children learn and see proactive and positive behaviors especially in the midst of chaos, they will learn to do the same.  This will allow them to always come from a place of love instead of merely reacting out of fear.

    5- Effective Communication – Is really something that is so important for our children to learn from the onset.  If they feel grounded in mindfulness and learn to express themselves in a loving manner, they will learn to feel confident in expressing their authentic selves.  When one acts in alignment with their own self-love, they will be able to convey that in a non-judgmental and accepting manner regardless of what someone else believes. This is the beginning and the key to peaceful coexistence.

    6-Live with Joy – and probably most importantly, if children see adults expressing and living from a place of fun, happiness, and joy, they will find it very easy to do themselves.

    We as parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, teachers and role models have the duty to give the children of the world the best of us.  It all starts with us, so we need to practice these things so that this is the place that we operate from more than not.  When we do this for ourselves, we will be doing this for the children.

    So, learn, grow, be mindful, be proactive, communicate effectively, and live your life full of happiness.  That is your most important job…and one that has many more far reaching ripples then you could ever imagine



    And don’t forget to sing and dance as well (:

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    My best to you and yours,

    Ricky Wood

    Psychic Medium & Life Coach