One thing I’ve found in my work on myself and professionally while life-coaching clients to live their best life – I’ve found that one of the biggest problems we all have is not doing enough for ourselves.

    We spend a lot of time each day doing things that are detrimental to our happiness like:

    • Complaining
    • Engaging in negative self-talk
    • Gossiping
    • Eating foods that aren’t healthy
    • Wasting a lot of time on watching others self-harming through reality TV or by talking about how others around us are ‘messing up’

    None of these things will help us to get what we are wanting.

    Although we all have different goals and aspirations, the reason that we are wanting those things is usually because we want to feel happy, fulfilled, relaxed, joyful and so on.

    We all have this in common yet we rarely take the small daily steps we need to help usher this to us.  The universe wants to do this. But usually we are our own worst enemies by continuing to participate in self-defeating behaviors that block the good we are so desperately seeking.

    So I’d like to share some daily tips that I use to bring what I’m wanting to myself. I’ve experienced great results with these very techniques so I wanted to share them with you!

    If any of them resonate with you, I hope you will use them or begin to find what works for you so that you can begin to live the life you always wanted.

    1-Begin and end every day with gratitude—this is self-explanatory and can be as simple as taking a few moments to say, ‘Thank You.’ Set your alarm a few minutes early just to lay there and express gratitude for every little thing even for waking up, for your bed for your food, for your arms and legs, for those who love you, and anything and everything.

    Likewise, end your day by saying what you are thankful forthe person who smiled at you, for safely going about your day, for the fun you had, for all of the conveniences that we take for granted like your car, the gas to drive it, your stove, lights, I mean anything that you can think of if you are having problems finding things to be grateful for.  The more you do it, the more you will find!

    2Begin each day with some type of meditation practice –whether that is sitting outside quietly for 10 minutes, listening to a meditation video or CD, or listening to a self-help recording or video with an open heart and open mind for 10-20 minutes.

    There is no right or wrong way to sit, hold your hands, to look at something or not—it is all a very personal matter.  The only way you will know what really resonates with you is to try the different ways and see what you like best.  You may find that you like to change it up.

    Check out this previous blog to learn more 5 Easy Steps to Great Mediation–if you would like some pointers on getting started.

    No matter what you choose, give yourself that time each morning to center yourself, open yourself up to universal guidance, and put yourself in a loving and balanced place to approach your day.

    You may be very surprised at just how much it affects your day in a positive way.


    3Use Positive Self-Talk – at all times.  And this may sound like one of the easiest steps, but once you focus on it you may be surprised at just how you may be speaking to yourself.  Do you ever find yourself saying to yourself, ‘I’m so fat today,’ ‘I’m so stupid,’ ‘I look awful,’ ‘I’m never going to lose weight,’ and on and on?

    When you first start talking to yourself the way that you deserve, you may need to be cognizant of rewording your statements 50 times a day.  After a few days to a week, you will naturally start to speak in ways that will honor and benefit you.

    All that you have to do is when you find that you are becoming frustrated and about to say something unkind, stop take a breath and say what you would want to be said to you. So instead of the previous you can say, ‘I look great today,’ ‘I learn more each day,’ ‘I look and feel great!’ ‘I make healthy choices and feel lighter each day,’ and so on.

    You may not ‘believe’ it at first, but once you get used to speaking kindly to yourself, you will begin to feel it, believe it, and then it will be so.

    4-Monitor yourself and enlist others to help change your focus—because when you first begin choosing to live a different way, it is easy to back slide.  Don’t get angry at yourself; merely catch yourself if you find that you are engaging in negative self-talk, gossip, or any other behavior that will not benefit you.

    If you have someone close to you who is also trying to employ these tools, ask them to kindly remind you if they catch you falling into old destructive patterns.

    5-Nourish Yourself – with whole healthy foods, exercise, and fun.  Everything in moderation, so although you should put great effort into choosing quality, healthful food, engaging in moderate exercise, please remember that a huge part to living the life you want is to make sure that you are enjoying life. Each day do something that you find joy in.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  You could paint, dance, sing, jump, skip, knit, read or whatever it is that makes you feel good.

    This is a part that a lot of us put on the backburner and skip out on.  Your joy will beget more joy so make it a priority!  When you align yourself with joy by engaging in activities that bring you joy you will be telling the universe that you want more. They must respond to your vibration, so why not have them respond with more of what you ARE wanting.


    Please take the time to use some of these tools or ones that really work for you because you are worth it, you deserve it, and no one can do this for you except you.

    Now go and live the life that you want!

    All my best,

    Ricky Wood

    Psychic Medium & Life Coach