• If you are a practitioner in a the holistic healing business, it is very important that you supplement because of the excess strain ‘energy work’ puts on your body.  Even if you aren’t a holistic healer, read on because these supplements could benefit you as well.

    From my education in the supplement industry as well as trial and error throughout my many years as a full-time Psychic Medium & Life Coach, I’ve found 5 supplements that are very important in helping to maintain sufficient energy when doing this work on a daily basis.

    Whether you speak with those in the spirit world or assist people in healing through a type of energy work such as reiki, taking care of your own health is paramount if you want to continue to function at your optimal level.

    Through personal experience and observing many people in the holistic community, it seems even easier to pack on the pounds when you are an energy work practitioner.  This could be for many reasons from self-protection to taking on others pain, but whatever the reason, making sure to take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually is key.

    Some rules to follow with eating would involve eating organic as much as possible.  Not to be  cool or trendy (it is more expensive and inconvenient at times) but it avoids putting additional pressure on your system because it is free of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and all of the other incredibly unhealthy ‘things’ you will find in non-organic food. Additionally, you will be eating animals that were raised and slaughtered humanely, giving you nourishment that is free of all the negative vibes that go along with fear, abuse and inhumane treatment.

    Another tip would be to watch the amount of refined carbohydrates you are ingesting. They are comforting after a long day of helping people through their pain, but too much is not a good thing. Yes, I love a good pop-tart or a bag of Bugles too, but these should not be part of your daily diet.

    Finally, drinking a lot of water is also essential.  For me, raising my vibration to communicate with spirits is extremely dehydrating.  In addition to your regular water intake of 6 to 8 oz glasses of water a day, it is ideal to drink 8oz of water before or after each session — preferably at room temperature.

    Even if you follow an incredibly healthy diet, you will probably find that supplementing your diet is crucial.

    Here are the 5 Supplements I believe are a must

    1. Greens – which I take in a powder form and drink to aid in better absorption.  Most of us do not ingest nearly the amount of vegetables we are suppose to a day, so this is at the top of my required supplement list.

    2. Probiotics – are beneficial bacteria that do all sorts of stuff from fighting off viruses and bacteria and are essential for strengthening your gut and in turn your immune system. These are very delicate and can be compromised for many reasons from being improperly freeze-dried to the absence of a food source to keep them viable while in their packageLearn more about the differences and what to look for in a quality probiotic supplement.


    3. Multi Vitamin/Mineral – is a good choice to make sure you are receiving a balanced ratio.  Again there is a huge difference in qualityI would NOT recommend taking a typical multi that is available at the grocery store.

    Choose one that is a whole-food source multi, preferably in capsule form and that does NOT contain any fillers, flowing agents or binders of any kind.  I take a vitamin-mineral-enzyme supplement that meets these and other strict requirements from Frequency Foods called VME.  It is available at a discounted price here.

    4. B-vitamins – are incredibly important especially for holistic practitioners. A B-complex will aid in helping your body deal with stress and help replenish its energy supplies.  It takes a lot of energy when working with the spirit world or energy healing. A good multi will contain all of the B-vitamins, but if it doesn’t supplementing separately with a B-complex is essential.

    5. Minerals – are easily depleted from the body everyday from things like stress, exercise or even pharmaceutical drugs. When raising my vibration to communicate with spirits, minerals are rapidly depleted from my body, so supplementing with a good multi-mineral is therefore extremely important.  Choosing one that is chelated is crucial because otherwise your body will not absorb them. It is also important to pick a quality mineral supplement.  Click here to learn more about the other reasons your body may not be able to absorb the mineral you’re taking.

    These are not all of the supplements that I believe are beneficial for optimal health, but ones that I find are particularly necessary in the work that I do.

    I hope that if you are an ‘energy work’ practitioner that you will look into ways to keep yourself healthy in a wonderfully fulfilling field.

    All my best,

    Ricky Wood