• Are you interested in meditating but not sure where to start?

    Maybe you’ve heard? There are lots of great reasons to meditate such as: stress reduction, improved concentration, better self-awareness, improved health and more!

    Have you tried, but just can’t seem to get ‘there?’

    Sometimes it can seem much more difficult than it has to be.

    So, I’ve put together –

    My 5 Easy Steps to Great Meditation!

    1-Get Comfortable which seems simple enough but I want to clarify.  You don’t need to sit like a pretzel like you typically see.  For a lot of people, this is completely uncomfortable and even painful.  Modify to meet your needs.

    You can sit on the floor, in a chair, or on a couch.  You can sit Indian style, straight legged or whatever way you feel the most relaxed.

    My only strong guidance on this is to sit up–Laying down makes it too easy to fall asleep.


    2-Set the tonethat works for you.  What I mean by this is choose a location or props that help you get into your zone auditorily.

    For some, silence with the occasional clink of a wind-chime is the perfect background.  Some prefer a light meditative CD or nature sounds playing.  Some may need an actual video or CD as white noise.

    Again, this is all your personal preference which you will only become aware of by trial-and-error. So try silence, a water fountain, or meditation music.  Use YouTube or go outside…eventually you will find your bliss.

    My only advice is if you do choose a CD or nature sounds, keep them very low as background music, otherwise it can distract from your ‘being.’


    3-To see or not to see?Many times you will see people with their eyes closed during meditation.  This can work wonderfully for some and if it does for you great!

    For others, it can be distracting when you have to try to ‘keep’ your eyes closed.  If so, try lightly focusing on something – a plant, a tree, a flower, a painting, whatever allows you to relax.

    Now, I don’t mean stare at it with such tenacity that you set it on fire with laser vision!  You are just gazing at it per se.

    My advice is to try gentle focusing on an object without blinking and see what happens.  If you blink, begin again.  Don’t force it or try too hard.  Stare at it like you do when you are looking for hidden images in the clouds, you know?  Like relaxing and zooming out and allowing it to flow.


    4-Clear Your Mindby letting everything go out until it is empty.  Remember you are not fighting to clear it.  There is a difference.

    One of the biggest complaints I hear is, “I can’t stop my thoughts from racing.”  Well don’t fight it.  As the old adage goes – “What you resist persists.” If you can’t get the ‘racing’ aspect to stop, play with it.  Visualize all thoughts racing away from you!

    5- Just Be. – If you let go and focus on your breath, a flower, or just being in the present moment, you will find that the persistent mind chatter fades away along with all resistance, tension, anxiety, and anything that isn’t the ‘real you.’

    It may take some practice but you will begin to get there much more quickly after you find what works for you.  The main thing I want you to remember is to just allow.  You do not need to do it a certain way, feel a certain way, or meet any other preconceived notions.

    The beautiful thing about meditation is that it is a unique experience for each person.

    Give yourself the precious gift of connecting with yourself deeply & often.

    All my best,

    Ricky Wood

    Psychic Medium & Life Coach