• Every human being has innate intuitive abilities.  As with any ability, some people may have more of a natural knack, while others may need more guidance and practice.

    Most People use their intuitive abilities without even realizing it.  This is what is referred to as a mother’s intuition, a sixth sense, or a gut feeling.

    There is a difference between the much more developed skill of psychic abilities and honing your own intuition to help you to navigate your life and circumstances. (If you have an interest in embarking on an extended psychic development coaching program you can contact me to discuss that.)

    For the purpose of this blog I will be sharing some easy tools that you can use to help you develop your own personal intuitive skills to assist you in making the best choices for you.

    By getting in touch with your own abilities you will find that you can struggle less and enjoy life more as you follow your own intuition.

    Here are 4 Tools to help you discover your own intuitive abilities

    1- Journal–Start your day by using pen and paper to write out your intentions for the day. (It is important to do this with pen and paper, not on a computer or other electronic device)

    This does not require a ton of time or writing, just enough to state in a positive fashion what you would like for yourself that day. It could be as simple as ‘I will be patient and take everything that happens in stride,’ or ‘I will complete everything I need to do today with ease.’ You could be more detailed depending on what it is that you’re really wanting –there is no right or wrong way to approach this. Only you can decide what is right for you depending on what you want.

    For the last part of this, thank your guides, god, a greater power or however you refer to your support system for assisting you in recognizing the opportunities that would best aide you in reaching your goals.

    2- Get Outside – and walk in nature. Just 20 min in nature can open up intuitive receptors.

    If you are feeling like you are really needing guidance or an answer to something, ask yourself  the question and then go for a walk and see what you get.  Allow an answer to come to you without judgment or questioning it.  By letting go and allowing, you will make it possible for the thoughts or answers to come in and work themselves out.

    Allowing means that you don’t try to figure the answer out, hear what you want to hear or what you think you are suppose to hear, or what others would say. Let go and let the answer flow.

    3- Read – Yes, just like your teachers and parents always said, ‘Reading is Good!’ It should NOT be painful. Read about subjects you are interested in.  The more that you read and the more you learn, the more you will be drawn to pick up other books.  You’ll be surprised at the other books and information you are led to and what you find.

    If reading isn’t your first love, try books on tape/CD while you drive.  The act of opening your mind to listen and learn from reading will help you learn to listen to your own intuitive information.

    4- Relax, Allow, and Don’t try so hard! Training yourself to allow your innate intuitive abilities to come through is not the same as training for a marathon.  You do NOT want to push harder, or train harder so don’t try to force it.  It is already there so just relax and let it come to you. It is more a kin to coaxing a timid kitten to come to you; it is not done by demanding but by quietly welcoming.

    Here is a simple exercise to demonstrate this—try squeezing all the muscles in your body really really tight and try thinking about something.  Right, you can’t.

    So relax and allow.

    When you get any small bit or piece of knowing that you connected with your intuition, be grateful.

    As with anything in life, when you are grateful and celebrate what you do get, you get more of it.

    Enjoy the beautiful gift of intuition that is already yours.

    Ricky Wood